Demos and Training

Below is a list of video demos. You will find them useful training aids when used with the free Practitioner download. They are all fairly short so please take a look.

Now try the completely free "practitioner" version...


Timesmith is very easy to learn. You will see on most pages a context information (i) button. It provides information the current function.

Using the built in example support files (elements etc) you can be up and running in a few minutes. Building elements/activities and categories will take a short while longer but it is by no means difficult. An hour or two will see you in a position to get to work.

Project Managers

Most people have a Windows based PC (desktop/laptop/tablet) so you can quickly pull in additional team members, letting them have a download for training/refresher prior to project start.

Bear in mind that you can email job files (elements etc) to team members prior to start. That will also speed up things.

For those having a time expired Project license, continue to use Practitioner mode for simpler tasks keeping "in training" as and when you need to renew the license.