Download Free Timesmith Practitioner

What is "Practitioner"

Practitioner is a free to use (no time or usage limit) version of Timesmith. It provides basic but for many users, perfectly viable, time study and work sampling facilities. Press the Features button below to compare the products.

Practitioner is a good jumping off point for users wanting to migrate permanently to Timesmith Principal as well as a base level between occasional upgrades to Project getting advantage for a few weeks of the same features as Principal.

Press the download button to continue - save it to your Downloads folder (or your own preferred location). Note that you may be required to load Net Framework 3.5. The download process and Microsoft provides for this to happen straight away.

Once you have it on your machine, open the downloaded zip folder (, find the executable file (TimeS.exe) and copy/drag it to your location of choice - a good spot is usually the "desktop". There is no documentation - the "i" buttons through the program provide contextual support and the videos are designed as training aids. Additionally there are no separate support files (job files etc) - these can be generated during the first installation.

In Windows 10, the desktop and file explorer behave and look differently to earlier versions of Windows but, you can still arrange to have Timesmith on the active menu and "desktop".

Run the program

Click/double click the icon. When it opens you will have the option to set up the folders and example files - this gets you started straight away.