Removing Timesmith from your system

The Executable

Timesmith is a portable installation and does not impose on your device/laptop/PC registry. To remove it just delete the executable (TimeS.exe) from where it was placed after installation or where it has been subsequently located. There will be no system effects from using Timesmith either as a demonstrator or in normal revenue use.

If you cannot find TimeS.exe use the system search facilities to locate it.

Timesmith data

All installation and example files and data files will have been set up and maintained by Timesmith in your system's Documents\MyDocuments folder under the sub-folder "\studywork\". Data, lists will be found in sub folders from studywork. You can delete this folder family at will. Note that you may want to hold on to any data you have created. If this is the case, carefully copy what you need to a secure place of your choosing then delete the studywork folder group.

CodeMeter (dongle) software

In addition to taking out the dongle, its support software can be removed using the Control Panel Look for Programs and Features, find and select Codemeter Runtime (WiBu Systems AG).

Removed software is always downloadable but keep the dongle safe - you may need it again!

Thank you for looking at our system.