Hardware Options

Timesmith is designed for the Windows tablet interface. Most importantly it runs just as well on any of the Windows 10, 8 or 7 operating systems found on most Laptops and PCs across the world.

In some cases such as administration, clothing and general assembly you can do basic studies and samples on you own laptop/net book so, no need for additional hardware.

We have not designed our product to run on Windows telephones - our design is based on more responsive "big buttons" as apposed to small and older systems where continuous accuracy is compromised by missed hits on tiny controls.

Tablet Sources

For many, low cost tablets from the retail sector will suffice but for those businesses that need high end equipment that is resistant to cold, heat and damp the options are equally attractive with costs running from £350 upwards. Much less than traditional solutions.

Whatever you choose you have a single platform solution with the option to export to your preferred analysis program.


We use a security device (dongle) sourced from WiBu Systems that provides licensed access to the premium features of the Principal and Project versions of Timesmith - note that the Practitioner version does not require the use of a dongle.

The dongle is a standard USB format - many smaller tablets have the newer USB small format and adapters are available from the usual component sources. We will be offering the smaller format soon.

Where the Project version is in use, when the license runs out (after 56 days), the access to premium features will cease but you will be able to continue using it in Practitioner mode free of charge until you need premium features again.

Upgrade from Project to Principal

If you are using, or have used the Project version (ie the 56 day version with a dongle) contact us so we can arrange for an immediate upgrade.

So, for very little outlay (perhaps none) you can have a high specification system to suit your needs.