Updates to system and news relating to hardware

News on hardware and reported issues.

04-04-2017 - A start up error that may be related to device compatibility with the installed Microsoft .Net Framework has been reported. We have tested across a wide range of machines and this had not previously occurred but, it is important to us that, if this happens to you please let us know so we can track down the problem. A screenshot of the error message, and where you were in the system (ie startup) will help us track down the fault. Quick work around is to try it on another device/machine (make O/S etc).

23-02-2017 - Viglen Connect 8.9" tablet with 1Gb memory tested - Timesmith worked well and despite small memory the performance was good. Priced at £50 including VAT. Interestingly a USB to mini USB adapter is included. This is needed for users upgrading from the free Practitioner version to Project/Principal.

24-02-2017 - Report on unforced error when extending study record page downwards - corrected.